‘The Little Mermaid’ swims into Spaghetti Warehouse

The cast of Magic Circle Children’s Theatre’s ‘The Little Mermaid.’

The Little Mermaid

Who Magic Circle Children’s Theatre
Where Spaghetti Warehouse, 689 N. Clinton St, Syracuse
When Every Saturday at noon through April 28.
Tickets $5
Review by Sarah DeSantis

The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorite fairy tales, in part  because of our shared fiery hair.    Magic Circle Children’s Theater’s production has red locks and all, but this heroine, renamed Muriel can’t sing. This poses a problem when she exchanges her voice to Serena, the evil witch, for a chance to live as a human.

When Serena discovers Muriel has tricked her, she turns herself into a human and attempts to steal the dashing prince for herself – OK, now it’s starting to sound like the Disney movie again. Along the way we meet Muriel’s best friend, an affable seal, and the prince’s servant and companion, Crabby.

Magic Circle Children’s Theater specializes in interactive children’s theater. From the very beginning of the show, children were given roles in the production, some put toy sea creatures on the prince’s fishing line, others set the table for Muriel and the Prince’s dinner. The interaction of these actors and the children appeared very natural, but at the same time small quips were thrown in for the adults in the audience–I believe I heard Crabby say something about selling his Yahoo! stocks as he passed down the aisle, and later commented that Serena reminded him of his ex-wife.

The talented group infused The Little Mermaid with a collection of pop songs fitting for children to dance to, such as a number by the Beach Boys. At the very end, the audience members were invited onstage for a dance party. The kids loved this, and it’s a great photo opportunity for parents. After the 45-minute show, the cast members stuck around for a meet and greet and photo session, and families could head into the dining room for lunch.

The Little Mermaid is the perfect afternoon treat for families. The setting at the Spaghetti Warehouse fit perfectly with the plot, as the room was ornate and victorian. If you have a spare Saturday afternoon with your kids, visit the Magic Circle Children’s Theater performance at the Spaghetti Warehouse for some under-the-sea fun and a bowl full of pasta.


One thought on “‘The Little Mermaid’ swims into Spaghetti Warehouse

  1. A Thank you to Sarah Desantis for the great review of, The Little Mermaid. Your description of our children’s theatre was perfect….both children and adults love our interactive plays. The children get to be a part of the action, and the adults love the current references, asides, and clever writing Thanks again.
    Hope Mancini
    (Managing Director/Magic Circle Childrens Theatre)

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