Writers: 2014-15


Haley Chouinard, Editor-in-Chief

Haley Chouinard has been a self-proclaimed theater-buff since the age of five, when she saw her first Broadway show – “Beauty and the Beast.” Originally from Destin, Florida, Haley studied both theater and journalism at the University of West Florida, where she earned her undergraduate degree. Haley is currently a Goldring Arts Journalism M.A. student at Syracuse University. She is very excited to explore all of the theater that central New York has to offer.


Lauren Cavalli, Assistant Editor

Lauren Cavalli, Assistant Editor

Lauren is a native New Yorker and an art fiend. She wants to promote the arts and inspire others by engaging in artistic discussion. She graduated from Providence College with a B.A. in English and art history. Lauren is an amateur archaeologist and loves a good book​. Lauren is currently a graduate student in the Goldring Arts Journalism graduate program at Syracuse University.


Kate Drozynski, Staff Writer

Kate Drozynski, Staff Writer

Kate Drozynski has a passionate love of music coupled with an uncontrollable urge to share her opinions and experiences with anyone willing to listen. She spent the six years since obtaining her bachelor’s of journalism degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania as a production art coordinator at an international packaging graphics corporation in Pittsburgh. Kate was a contributor to M-Pressions Magazine, the newsletter of Matthews International, and managed a team of graphic artists. She’s currently earning her master’s degree in arts journalism at Syracuse University. She’s had her headphones in, happily listening to music the whole time.

Dianna Bell, Staff Writer

Dianna Bell, Staff Writer

Dianna Bell is a consumer of culture – books, film, television, art, theater. She loves becoming immersed in worlds that others create and finding the meaning behind that creation. She graduated from High Point University in 2011 with a bachelor’s in communications. Here, she was the Arts and Entertainment editor of The Campus Chronicle. She also interned with the High Point Enterprise and 88.5 WFDD, a local NPR affiliate. Aside from the arts, Dianna enjoys running long distances, drinking coffee, and watching NBC’s “Parenthood” and “Parks and Rec” before they are canceled.


Patrick Hosken, Staff Writer

Patrick is a Goldring Arts Journalism graduate student at Syracuse University. He graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 2012 and, while there, helped take the campus radio station, WSBU, to No. 1 in the nation. An indie music devotee, he’s had reviews published at Verbicide magazine and several blogs. He spends far too much time on Twitter writing compact record recaps @1record10words and other musings @patrickhosken. Multimedia reporting is kind of his thing.

Sydney Franklin, Staff Writer

Sydney Franklin, Staff Writer

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